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Rusty 7 years ago
Not even a tear. She has been caned before. Made me hard.
XXXX 5 years ago
What is the name of this hard woman? There is no doubt that her fabulous resistance to pain has been acquired after many sessions of hard canes. That is why she supports the wands without shouting, without shedding a single tear and without moving from her position. He even likes punishment!
jama 12 years ago
a tough girl! to be respected!
AMY16 12 years ago
Nice, she's a lucky girl but I have never, ever ben cained with my clothes on - EVER and I am always sodomize after then cained again and I BLEED. I am so hot just thinking about my last whipping
malcolm 11 years ago
how that girl took 100 plus strokes of the cane without being mor severely marked and not having a bleeding bottom i shall never know
Chad 1 year ago
Sasha Harvey, she's had a lot of canings and always takes it well. I think her bottom has hardened with scaring over the years. Still pretty and she has nicely matured. I'd love to see her dildoed and squirting for the finish.
Jason 11 months ago
Hope she knows how much pure pleasure her grimaces bring her audience
rtt 3 years ago
5:57 nice
SHAVER II 10 years ago
I give less strokes, with more intensity. Never have made a girl bleed.
Jason 11 months ago
Would have been better to bring in her adult son of about twenty, have her strip completely naked, tell him she does this for money and sexual pleasure have her beautiful eyes lock his the whole time she suffers